Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The List

I know I've been bad at this blogging business again, but it just so happens that I am sick again. This time I am lucky enough to be more sick than last time. I have noticed the sickness creeping around all over the place, and it seems to stick around for a bit after it gets its hooks into you! Felix still has a horrible cough, and now he has a cold sore.

I thought I was lucky enough to not have contracted THAT virus, but my research has led me to believe that pretty much everyone has the virus. It apparently just lays dormant in most people. Here's hoping Felix won't be plagued with those gross little buggers his whole life!

Anyway, onto the list.

Ashley Ann's Official List of Goals and Things to Do:

1. A. Photograph/model the glorious goods I scored from Heather in a pay it forward exchange.
B. Post my own pay it forward!

2. Finish quilt block(s) for Cottage Quilting Bee. That's right, I signed up for a quilting bee. I think it's my turn in May.
A. Go through scraps so I can be ready for my turn. I'm seriously considering sending out scraps for a super scrappy quilt. They are my favorite!

3. Make Felix a cape for his birthday. Holy smokes you guys, I almost have a 3 year old. A 3 year old is like a kid and not so much like the teeny tiny (ok, average sized, but a baby is small, kids) baby I made and birthed and fed with my own body. (Random tangent: Did you guys know I had a home birth? Cool, right?!) Anyway, 3 year old boys need capes, right? A Spiderman cape is awesome, but sometimes you need a cap for doing other not spider related stuff.

Itty bitty Felix
Eek! Look at how itty bitty he used to be!

4. Make birthday quilt for my niece Adilee. When did I become such a grown up? I have a niece and my own 3 year old. Yikes! So I was thinking a quilt would make a great first birthday present.

5. Make use of my sewing books. I have quite a few, and I've read them over and over for inspiration. I think I've only made a couple projects from them though. I'd like to up my completed project to book ratio.

6. Crochet t shirt rug for my best friend of all time, Laura.

I'm sure I'll add more to the list later, but that's what I can think of right now as I sit on the couch, wishing my head wasn't about to reach maximum snot capacity and explode. Head exploding is not on the list!

In other news, Mr. P has finally shed his face scales, which made him look the worst. He can now see, which makes me less ascared of him. He's jumpy and hangs out in a ready to strike position when he can't see. I'll try to schedule him a photo shoot soon!

So I hope to be feeling better and back in action soon!


Anonymous said...

sorry you are still feeling so ill, but glad to see a new post! happy birthday to all the wee ones!

gidgetsews said...

Glad to see you back I thought your computer had drowned. Take care and feel better.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better very soon Ashley. I saw your post on sending your block directly to Darci when you are done. That would be great. Please email me when you are ready to send it.

tinam at cruzio dot com

Also, you will be receiving two more sets of fabric soon as March has two designers.


Elizabeth said...

Feel better Ashley!!

Karen said...

I hope you feel better soon - it's no fun to be sick, looking at all the things you have to/want to do and not being able to do them. Stay warm!