Saturday, October 31, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Sorry I didn't get around to picking winners yesterday, but it's more fun to win stuff on Halloween anyway, right?!?

So our winner for the apron is...

Number Three- Jenny777 who said:
Well, I'm pretty fond of tacos of the taco bell variety. See, without a pretty apron, I'm useless in the kitchen. It's very sad, I swear.

I guess she can always wear her fancy new vintage apron to go through the drive through. It'll keep her lap clean!

And the winner of the cosmetics case is...
Number 17.

Kaye said...

Knock Knock!
Who's There?
Anita Who?
I Anita bath, how bout you?

I have an Aunt Anita and when my son was Felix size, he would always say Aunt Anita bath. Just couldn't say Anita by itself. Love your story and your fabric.

That's a great joke for sure!

I got a comment last night saying that Hot Butter! was featured on Zakka Life. How cool is that?!?

Ok, I'm off to cook and clean for Ashley and Chainsaw's super cool Halloween fiesta. Pictures tomorrow! Congrats winners!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Captain's Log: Snow day number three

We are currently wrapping up (I hope) a freak early winter storm (even though it is not winter). Check this out:

Freak show!

It's totally crazy. Don't worry, we have plenty of hot chocolate and alcoholic additives. I am also happy to have my breast friend Laura here to hang out under blankets on the couch. I need to get a picture of her poodle Butter in the snow. He dives in and swims around, which results in the abominable snow poodle look!

Exciting news time!

I got accepted into the Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade craft fair this year. I have to admit that I'm a little proud of myself for getting in. I'll definitely be showing my blog friends all kinds of new prizes I'm working on for the fair. I'd love it if my Denver friends stop by to say hi in December.

Don't forget to get in on the giveaways while there's still time! I'll be drawing winners tomorrow.

Friday, October 23, 2009

My new bag and a new giveaway

Felix and I saw a link to Canon paper crafts (ok, I saw it and showed it to him!), and we just HAD to make this guy:

Rupert the paper skeleton zombie

Of course, a three year old isn't much help when it comes to cutting/folding/gluing small pieces of paper, so we had to print off the vampire mask to entertain him while I did the hard work. Also, special thanks to Chainsaw for making dinner while I did this. You know you have a good guy when you out of the blue ask him to make dinner so you can make a paper skeleton, and he says yes.

Felix has dubbed him a "zombie skeleton," and we have named him Rupert.

I also decided to get busy with my Enchino yesterday afternoon. Say hello to my new purse, if you please.

New Enchino Bag

I didn't want to use a big piece of it, but I did want a lion for sure! This ended up being a big mix of materials. I used linen, cotton, buttons from my collection, and magic, of course. While making this I realized that I've never really sat down and made something knowing it was for me. Everything that's MINE that I've made is something I randomly decided to keep.

New Enchino Bag

The back has some big slip pockets.

New Enchino Bag Back

Pardon my not yet disappeared disappearing marker line.

Felix shows here that it also makes a pretty cool beard. Not sure if I'd want a lion in my beard, but I won't be using it as a beard personally.

New Enchino Bag

Next giveaway business time.

I was luckily enough to go to the Thrashing Bee in Sturgis, SD last summer. They have a super old steam tractor parade, which Felix liked. They had some flea market type areas, where I scored a couple hand made aprons. I'm assuming they're vintage, but I'm no pro. I can tell for sure that they were hand made and that someone put a ton of work into them.

I love full aprons on account of I'm a messy cooker/baker, so I thought I'd pass this lovely half apron onto one of you!

Chicken Scratch Apron Giveaway

Check out this chicken scratch (that's what this is called, right?):

Chicken Scratch Apron Giveaway

Somebody put a lot of love into this apron for sure!

It can be yours for the low price of a one comment. I liked your knock knock jokes yesterday- let's do favorite dinners today. What's your favorite thing to eat for dinner? I need ideas people!

Also, feel free to earn an extra comment by checking out my etsy shop, coming back here, and tell me what you like best.

An additional entry can be earned by telling your friends. If you know people who dig a beautiful apron, let them know (facebook, twitter, top secret apron lovers group).

As usual, leave a comment for each entry to make my life easier. Don't forget to sign up for yesterday's giveaway here. I forgot to set an end date. I'm thinking next Friday.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Long story followed by a giveaway

Happy 100 posts day!

I accidentally on purpose bought the most expensive fabric I've ever bought yesterday. I don't feel one ounce guilty about it because it has to have balance out with all the thrifty sewing I've been doing lately. I'm getting ahead of myself. Step into my time machine. Did you put your seat belt on? Good! We're not going far.

So the Chainsaw is away from home for a few days. He usually works from home, but some guys from his company are in Denver for a few days. They requested that he stay there with them to get more work done.

City driving scares the crap out of me. I'm from South Dakota. I remember when driving in Rapid City scared me, and now it's nothing compared to driving through Denver. I can do it, and I will, but my heart rate goes up to like 503, I have white knuckles, and I'm super terrified that someone is going to rear end me.

I didn't want to be without a car for several days, so Felix and I went with Chainsaw to drop him off in the big city. I decided that if I was already going to be getting my pants scared off, I might as well try to check out the Fancy Tiger. I've always wanted to go.

Of course, it was 9:45 am and they don't open until 11 am. Felix and I checked out a kind of fancy looking Goodwill. I found not one item for my Halloween costume, but scored some snow boots for Felix and new (to me) jeans for myself. Everything else on this street (except the sex shop) appeared to be closed. It was snowing and cold. I was in the city, and damn if I wasn't going to walk through the doors of Fancy Tiger before I admitted city defeat.

I was desperately wishing for a coffee shop or at least somewhere warm, when I looked up and saw a sign that said coffee. The front of the building looked like a bar. I open the door a crack and see a man standing BEHIND A BAR. I'm pretty sure it's a bar, ok? I ask if Felix and I can come in. I have got to get this kid to a bathroom before he states he needs one, and we're cold. Bathroom mission accomplished. Felix of course decides we need to sit AT THE BAR. Not in a comfy booth, but on a stool where we might make small talk about skeletons and glowing lights in the bar for 30 minutes with the bartender. I guess this joint doubles as a coffee shop in the morning or something. Felix did not want to leave the bar to go to the Fancy Tiger at 11, but I talked him into it.

I walk into Fancy Tiger, which is a super small joint. However, the stuff it has room for is awesome. They have fancy threads, sashiko floss, craft books, and the coolest, nicest fabrics. And that's just on the sewing side. The other side was dedicated to yarn and it's best friends knit and crochet.

I think I made 4 or 5 laps around the store just looking at fabric, thinking I probably wouldn't buy any. THEN IT HAPPENED. I saw some Enchino, which I've always thought looked so cool on the internet. It's $18/yard price tag effectively kept me from ever considering owning a piece of the glory for myself. Then I did something I should have never done: I touched it. It felt amazing. I left with half a yard.

My enchino

It's sitting on the table looking at me, begging me to touch it. I think I may end up playing hard to get. I might iron it in a bit, and then it's going to have to wait around for me to call and see if it wants to get together with my creative energy.

Ok, that was a pretty long story. In summary, I took Felix to hang out a bar and got my grubby hams on some Enchino.

If you stuck through the whole story you will now be rewarded with my 100 post giveaway.

Pardon the flash, but Felix wanted to show you his "reluctant to give this to you" face.

Felix and my giveaway


Cosmetics case

So what it is exactly? I'm calling it a cosmetics case. I'm not going to lie- it's kind of a prototype. There are a few messy parts here and there, but it's pretty cute.

Want to win this for yourself? Here are the ways you can enter:

1. Comment here (preferably with a hilarious knock knock joke).
2. Subscribe/follow my blog. (if you are already a subscribed, that counts!)
3. Tell your friends- twitter, facebook, blog, whatever!

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. I know it's a pain, but it makes my life easier.

Also, keep checking back. I have a couple more things I'd like to bestow upon you! I have a purse or two that need new homes and a gift certificate to my shop is not out of the question.

Good luck!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Scrappy Wallets

Hi friends!

I'm pleased to announce that I've made some new card wallets out of scraps, which is how I made my first set of wallets. I think these guys are so cute!

Scrappy Card Wallets

This one is my favorite:

Scrappy Card Wallet

I also finished a quilt block for Rachel of p.s. i quilt. It was a string block, which I've always thought look super cool. I also thought they looked scary hard, and I was surprised to find out that they aren't!

For Rachel

It was a bit time consuming though. One was fun, but I'm not sure I'd ever find the time to do more than that. Good call on using the quilting bee to get one done!

I also had to go issue an apology for being a bad, bad quilting bee participant. I'm pretty ashamed of myself for holding finished blocks (some from this spring) and packages of fabric hostage for a long time. As much as I think quilting bees are super cool and a fun idea, I probably won't be signing up for another one. I hope my quilting bee friends can forgive me!

Also, stop by tomorrow for my 100th post giveaway. I'm still coming up with my giveaway prizes and am considering doing a few. See you tomorrow!

Monday, October 19, 2009


As in 98 posts, friends. Holy smokes! We are fast approaching giveaway time around these parts.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I sure did!

I don't know if you know about this secret to drinking WAY TOO MUCH, but I'm going to share it with you now. Casinos. Have you heard of them? It's a place you go to give your money away freely, hoping to win of course, but who ever does that? Did you also know that while you are gambling they make sure you don't get thirsty? They offer thirst quenchers of every variety, and I took advantage of their kind offer.

Giant glasses of wine? YES!
Green drinks? YES!
Dirty martinis? YES!
Other drinks that I didn't need? YES!

All of this can be yours for little to no cost. My method of choice is penny slots. Then I tip the drink makers or deliverers one doubloon. You don't have to play the slots consistently either. You can walk around and throw a dollar in a machine here and there. Easy peasy practically free drinking. I was even lucky enough to have a free room to share with my lady friends.

Then I spent the next afternoon sleeping on the couch, wasting away a perfectly beautiful Indian Summer day catching up on the sleep I forgot to get the night before.

I think we made up for it yesterday with a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was weirdly hot. I thought about wearing a dress, and decided it wouldn't be warm enough for that. Then my legs spontaneously combusted through my jeans while I was petting a cow.

Felix with new girlfriend

Why is it that I can get a cow to pose for a picture, but my own child refuses to look at me?

Felix and Josh

I told Felix that his boobs are a little saggy in this picture.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knocking on wood

I've been a bit of a "knock on wood" addict lately.

"Oh, Felix is taking a good nap. Knock on wood."

Not only do I say the words, I physically knock on wood. I always thought knocking on wood was a pretty good insurance policy.

Felix caught a plaguerific (new word!) cold when we returned from our trip to South Dakota. Chainsaw caught it next. I had a bit of a scratchy throat and was a sneeze machine, but then I went and said this:

"I seem to be fighting this cold better than you guys. Knock on wood."

And let me tell you friends, knocking on wood is not always the best insurance policy. In this case I should have supplemented the knocking with vitamin C and herbal tea. Alas, I am achy, and my brain weighs 83 pounds, most of which is snot.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Big stuff

Hello friends!

I hope you had a great Side Pony Tail Friday Afternoon, whether you participated or not.

Side pony tail Friday afternoon

I seem to favor a left (to me) side pony tail. Next week I'll have to get crazy and try the right.

I finished up a couple new bags this week. I love this big linen number:

Big linen bag with patchwork

Patchwork is my first sewing love.

Patchwork handles

I love how big it is. It'd be perfect to throw a couple changes of clothes in for the weekend, a trip to the mall, or for anyone addicted to huge bags and all the glorious things that fit into one!

I have been riding the glorious high of creating things almost exclusively from thrifted finds. The linen was salvaged from a skirt, the lining from a king size sheet, the scraps from a glorious giveaway, and it's even interfaced with some weird looking stuff I got from freecycle.

Big bag made with vinage fabric

This (also large!) bag is also made from thrifted supplies. I did put a magnetic snap in it, and the handle interfacing is always new (because I'm addicted to the thick fusible interfacing for handle making.)

I'm off to post a few new things in my shop. I'm trying to get in on a craft show with limited spacing, so I want my etsy shop to look good!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I made out like a thrifting bandit last week in South Dakota. I have piles of glorious fabric, some of it being vintage and way too cool. I also acquired several linen items on the cheap. My favorites are long matronly dresses and skirts. Thrifting linen is one of the best ways to get your hands on it without breaking the bank.

Check out this sheet:

Vintage Sheet

I love how it looks like water color!

I was uploading pictures of my favorite purchases, and several of them were "invalid files" or something. I love this flower one on top:

Thrifty scores

I also celebrated my second side ponytail Friday afternoon. Sometimes it's the only appropriate hairstyle.

Side Ponytail Friday Afternoon

My mom didn't notice until late in the evening. She then asked me if I knew my ponytail was crooked. It was, and it was on purpose. Feel free to participate next Friday afternoon.

I also thought you might appreciate a funny story. It was not so funny at the time, but it's funny to me now. On our way home on Sunday, Felix and I encountered this spectacle:

Cattle being herded down the road

Do you see what's going on here? I had to drive stop and go for around 30 minutes while a bunch of cowboys (cowpeople?) on horses drove a herd of cows down the road. When we were doing the going (as opposed to the stopping), we discovered that the speed of cow is approximately 5 miles per hour.

I have a question for my blog friends. If I wanted to share some etsy or flickr favorites, how do I go about using the pictures? Do you have to save them and upload them on your own? Do you always ask first?