Monday, October 19, 2009


As in 98 posts, friends. Holy smokes! We are fast approaching giveaway time around these parts.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I sure did!

I don't know if you know about this secret to drinking WAY TOO MUCH, but I'm going to share it with you now. Casinos. Have you heard of them? It's a place you go to give your money away freely, hoping to win of course, but who ever does that? Did you also know that while you are gambling they make sure you don't get thirsty? They offer thirst quenchers of every variety, and I took advantage of their kind offer.

Giant glasses of wine? YES!
Green drinks? YES!
Dirty martinis? YES!
Other drinks that I didn't need? YES!

All of this can be yours for little to no cost. My method of choice is penny slots. Then I tip the drink makers or deliverers one doubloon. You don't have to play the slots consistently either. You can walk around and throw a dollar in a machine here and there. Easy peasy practically free drinking. I was even lucky enough to have a free room to share with my lady friends.

Then I spent the next afternoon sleeping on the couch, wasting away a perfectly beautiful Indian Summer day catching up on the sleep I forgot to get the night before.

I think we made up for it yesterday with a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was weirdly hot. I thought about wearing a dress, and decided it wouldn't be warm enough for that. Then my legs spontaneously combusted through my jeans while I was petting a cow.

Felix with new girlfriend

Why is it that I can get a cow to pose for a picture, but my own child refuses to look at me?

Felix and Josh

I told Felix that his boobs are a little saggy in this picture.

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