Friday, October 23, 2009

My new bag and a new giveaway

Felix and I saw a link to Canon paper crafts (ok, I saw it and showed it to him!), and we just HAD to make this guy:

Rupert the paper skeleton zombie

Of course, a three year old isn't much help when it comes to cutting/folding/gluing small pieces of paper, so we had to print off the vampire mask to entertain him while I did the hard work. Also, special thanks to Chainsaw for making dinner while I did this. You know you have a good guy when you out of the blue ask him to make dinner so you can make a paper skeleton, and he says yes.

Felix has dubbed him a "zombie skeleton," and we have named him Rupert.

I also decided to get busy with my Enchino yesterday afternoon. Say hello to my new purse, if you please.

New Enchino Bag

I didn't want to use a big piece of it, but I did want a lion for sure! This ended up being a big mix of materials. I used linen, cotton, buttons from my collection, and magic, of course. While making this I realized that I've never really sat down and made something knowing it was for me. Everything that's MINE that I've made is something I randomly decided to keep.

New Enchino Bag

The back has some big slip pockets.

New Enchino Bag Back

Pardon my not yet disappeared disappearing marker line.

Felix shows here that it also makes a pretty cool beard. Not sure if I'd want a lion in my beard, but I won't be using it as a beard personally.

New Enchino Bag

Next giveaway business time.

I was luckily enough to go to the Thrashing Bee in Sturgis, SD last summer. They have a super old steam tractor parade, which Felix liked. They had some flea market type areas, where I scored a couple hand made aprons. I'm assuming they're vintage, but I'm no pro. I can tell for sure that they were hand made and that someone put a ton of work into them.

I love full aprons on account of I'm a messy cooker/baker, so I thought I'd pass this lovely half apron onto one of you!

Chicken Scratch Apron Giveaway

Check out this chicken scratch (that's what this is called, right?):

Chicken Scratch Apron Giveaway

Somebody put a lot of love into this apron for sure!

It can be yours for the low price of a one comment. I liked your knock knock jokes yesterday- let's do favorite dinners today. What's your favorite thing to eat for dinner? I need ideas people!

Also, feel free to earn an extra comment by checking out my etsy shop, coming back here, and tell me what you like best.

An additional entry can be earned by telling your friends. If you know people who dig a beautiful apron, let them know (facebook, twitter, top secret apron lovers group).

As usual, leave a comment for each entry to make my life easier. Don't forget to sign up for yesterday's giveaway here. I forgot to set an end date. I'm thinking next Friday.

Have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

I would tell you my favorite thing to eat for dinner, but I doubt you'd agree. It's involves tofu and veggies. Ask Felix about it.

However, I did make a pot of some pretty awesome chicken stew last night. It will mutate into chicken pot pies tomorrow. Mmm...

W.F. said...

Pan seared trout with French beans and a really dark rye bread.

Oh, and a bottle of sparkling wine of course.

jennyw777 said...

Well, I'm pretty fond of tacos of the taco bell variety. See, without a pretty apron, I'm useless in the kitchen. It's very sad, I swear.

Digital Misfit said...

Lasagna! Big fan of Italian food here, but lasagna is always a welcome treat.
I think I need to make some very soon.
Darn it! Now I am craving it!

Digital Misfit said...

Love your Purple Ruffle Hip Bag. The big linen patchwork bag is awesome too.

Anonymous said...

my absolute fave dinner has to be chilli pizza. hot n spicy chilli con carne lathered over a pizza base and then topped with loads of cheese - probably the most fattening thing ever made, but oh so yummy!

Elizabeth said...

Here's a super easy dinner recipe for you--

crunchy pork chop deliciousness:

Combine 2T milk and 1 egg in a bowl

Pour half of a package of savory herb stovetop dressing mix (just the crunchies) in another bowl

Melt 2T of butter in the bottom of a baking pan

Dredge porkchop in the milk/egg mixture and press into the stuffing crunchies. (both sides of the pork so it's covered)

Place porkchop in baking pan--repeat for 2-3 chops depending on size.

Bake at 350 to temperature--usually 30 minutes

YUM! And super easy too! :)

Elizabeth said...

My favorite thing in your shop right now:

Your pretty pleated bag!

We should talk soon! Are you going back to the Hills over Christmas?

Kaye said...

I love your new bag, you did a great job.

I gotta love those bar-b-qued ribs. My absolute favorite.

I made a purse just for myself a while back (which I never do either) and a few weeks later I had a pen leak in it. A very sad moment in my life.

Kaye said...

My favorite thing in your shop is a tie between the big Linen bag and he Pretty Pleated Purse. I just couldn't decide.