Friday, October 9, 2009

Big stuff

Hello friends!

I hope you had a great Side Pony Tail Friday Afternoon, whether you participated or not.

Side pony tail Friday afternoon

I seem to favor a left (to me) side pony tail. Next week I'll have to get crazy and try the right.

I finished up a couple new bags this week. I love this big linen number:

Big linen bag with patchwork

Patchwork is my first sewing love.

Patchwork handles

I love how big it is. It'd be perfect to throw a couple changes of clothes in for the weekend, a trip to the mall, or for anyone addicted to huge bags and all the glorious things that fit into one!

I have been riding the glorious high of creating things almost exclusively from thrifted finds. The linen was salvaged from a skirt, the lining from a king size sheet, the scraps from a glorious giveaway, and it's even interfaced with some weird looking stuff I got from freecycle.

Big bag made with vinage fabric

This (also large!) bag is also made from thrifted supplies. I did put a magnetic snap in it, and the handle interfacing is always new (because I'm addicted to the thick fusible interfacing for handle making.)

I'm off to post a few new things in my shop. I'm trying to get in on a craft show with limited spacing, so I want my etsy shop to look good!

1 comment:

LeeAnn said...

I look like I am 12 when I tout a side pony. You're pushing 13 :P

Love the linen bag! I need to get back into the sewing saddle. Maybe the weekend. I fear the cold weather is here to stay now.