Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scary Stuff

I had a living nightmare the other morning.  When I have to ride the bus to work, I get there more than an hour early and inevitably end up at one of the nearby thrift stores.  I thought the luck of the mighty bald eagle (I don't know where this stuff comes from) was with me when I spotted an almost full rack of beautiful vintage dresses.

I took an armload to the dressing room, where something horrible happened.  None of them fit me.  Some were too big, some were just a little too small.  I couldn't zip them the last couple inches.  I don't have very good altering skills, so I couldn't talk myself into buying the too big ones.  I knew they'd just sit there and never get altered.

I'm sure at least some of you vintage lovers will understand how that morning took a page from one of my scariest dreams.  A rack full of vintage for cheap, and none of it fits!!  Ahhh!

Oh well.  50% off day is coming soon.  I might be able to talk myself into buying one of the dresses that was too big if it's still there.  In less scary news, I got a message from them on facebook saying I won a $10 gift certificate.  Not sure how I pulled that off, but I'll take it!!

Back to scary.

Felix loooooves Halloween, and so do I!  I decided some spooky decorations were in order this year.  We took a trip to Hobby Lobby and Big Lots, and this is what we came up with so far.  The lights are candy corn colored!

Felix is obsessed with this thing.  The LED eyes change colors and move back and forth.

And let's be honest here, I might be obsessed with taking pictures of it.  They all end up having maximum awesomeness.

In Hot Butter news, I'm still working on a big stack of Half-moon Handbags.  I've also been contacted about doing a wholesale order, so there will probably be new wallets in the future (if I ever finish those bags!).  Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Melissa M said...

The baby blue with the lace is gorgeous!

I still have major difficulty hearing the word "vintage" being attached to something from the 80s... when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. "Retro", ok. "Vintage"? STAB ME.

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