Thursday, March 5, 2015

Guess what. I'm not dead.

In case you were worried, I am very much alive, although barricaded in an ice fortress.

There is so much to catch up on, but I'm going to start simple with old news:


Pro-tip:  Always pack your liquor cabinet last.  Unpack it first at your new house.

After eight years of living in our fairly small town home in Lafayette, we've moved on to the greener pastures of a much more spacious, built in the 70's with lots of mirrors, stand alone house in Westminster.


Our new house came with lots of sweet rose bushes I am slowly learning to take care of.  Hopefully I don't kill them off on my first year as sole rose bush tender.


Felix finally learned to ride his bike here on our new street.  Get a load of the foliage.  I can't wait for spring!


The new neighborhood comes complete with slithering amigos.  There are two that live under the birdbath in the backyard.  I've spent a lot of time learning about the local snakes since we've move here.  This one Felix caught on his hula hoop while out playing and brought home to share.  Thanks Felix.


There is a canal behind our house inhabited by a sweet flock of ducks.


We have access to two neighborhood pools, and my personal favorite part of our new house that I can't use right now due to weather:


My porch!

It has since been covered in glorious patio furniture, including my PORCH COUCH.  I spent so much time out there reading books and drinking beers and bloody mary's that it's not even funny.  It's super serious.

I was going to keep this post committed only to our new house, but I just can't resist the temptation of telling you about our awesome new fambly member, Chunk the Staffordshire Terrier.  Here's a fambly picture of the day we all met at a park.


He is a big silly fool, and we all love him to death.  Except the cats, but we're slowly working on building those friendships.  He wants their sweet kitty love, but they are still withholding because that is how cats do.


Alright, I'm going to try to get back on the blogging horse, if for nothing else than keeping a record of what's been going on.  Expect a couple of catch up posts featuring 2014 adventures, of which there were many.  It's been a glorious year!

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