Friday, August 15, 2008

Rainy days

I was just complaining to Josh that I can't remember our last good rainy day. For weeks it has threatened to rain- a big black cloud, a few growls of thunder, maybe even a 5 minute sprinkle, but never a good rain. Today (or last night I suppose) the clouds decided to stay put and drizzle on us all day so far. I have embraced the cool temperature by dressing Felix in his Wranglers, cowboy boots, and bull rider belt that it has been to hot to wear. I took a hot shower. I can't even remember the last time I had a hot shower. With no air conditioning, it's been lukewarm to cold showers only.

My to do list today:
1. Wash the fabric I bought months ago to make shirts/summer dresses.
2. Decipher the Japanese sewing book I bought last winter. I've been reading and rereading label-free's Japanese Crafting How-To all morning and think I'm ready to tackle such a challenge!
3. Clean something. My kitchen table/center of my sewing universe was slightly cleaned yesterday. Slightly cleaned as in I put all the fabric away I no longer needed for upcoming projects. Unfortunately I only transferred other stuff like important documents to the counter. I have clutter issues. By issues I mean I have it. All over.

I'll leave with a picture from last week. Today's light is no good for new pictures. I love the light in this picture of Felix.

Felix outside

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Jennifer said...

The purl bee posted a Japanese craft book how to recently. Maybe this will be helpful: