Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to work

and it's so hard!

I finally busted the ol' machine out again the other day. Of course I had to make something new and skip the tried and true patterns that would have gotten me back into it effortlessly. I also decided to use bulky corduroy, which I have limited experience with. My first bag was horribly messed up, and I had to rip it apart and put it back together. On the second bag, I broke a needle and then kept having my thread bunch underneath with a shiny new needle. I decided to put that away and finish it later when I'm less mad at it. No bag likes to be finished by hands connected to an unhappy heart.

Started a third, and kept poking myself with pins. Then I let my finger get in the way of a fast moving part on the machine. I had to put the third bag away and watch reruns of the Gilmore Girls from the couch for a bit.

Ugh. I feel unaccomplished and tired. I'd like to finish just one thing today, but I'm afraid I might be better off going to bed early instead! I guess there's always tomorrow.

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