Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh hi friends!

What I really did on my summer blogging/sewing vacation:

Read 9374 books. That might be a lie, but I read like it was going out of style. I sometimes read 2 books a day.

Then one day at the beginning of the month I woke up and felt it.

It was the urge to create.

It's possible that that sounds dorky, but that's how it works sometimes. Whenever I don't make something for a while (a couple weeks or 3 months, whatever), I always I find it hard to get started again. Then I finish something, and I have to admit that nothing beats the feeling of actually creating something. Hopefully it's something pretty or useful, but if not the feeling is still there.

I have spent several of the last few days getting busy, and I'm hoping to have a glorious shop update soon. I am also smelling a giveaway in my future. I've been working on some new things that I'd love to share with my friends!

Until then, find a cozy pug to shed all over your shirt.

Ashley and Nana

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Reluctant Housewife said...

Oh hi!

I know exactly what you mean - Made my first hat in months yesterday. Was so much fun I made 2 more.

That pug is CUTE.