Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Sheets

I'm always in awe of the blog world's luck when it comes to finding cool vintage sheets. I always check out sheets at thrift stores, and every once in a while I find a good one. I've been hording the few I have, but I decided it was time to sink my scissors into a couple.

Vintage Sheet Bag

Vintage Sheet Bag

I spent TWO days making these, but I love them.

I'd also like to report that no snow has fallen on our little neighborhood. I did see snow on the news in areas close by though. I'm not used to it being so cold so soon. In South Dakota, yes, but here?

We are enjoying the warmth of out light switch fire place. I can't believe it's almost time to turn on the furnace!


Lisa said...

It's not snowing here yet!

I used to have those top sheets. The bag looks great.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bags!!! Don't woory, I have just as much trouble trying to get my hands on vintage sheets too. The best I've managed is a couple of Pillowcases.

Elizabeth said...

I'm embarrassed. I've been dressing for fall when the high is 79 degrees.

What has happened to me?!