Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Captain's Log: Post 107

I'm still a busy beaver over here. In fact, it's possible that my teeth are getting longer and I might be growing a tail. Yikes!

I've been creating some vintage button earrings (photos to come soon!) and tote bags.



I have a crush on these lions guys, I tell you what.


Crazy patchwork.


Shiny brocade- a great holiday party dress piece.

In addition to the creating, we've been having a great time at the Butter residence. I went to a show in Denver with Laura and Jeffrey last Thursday, which was awesome. I would have to describe almost every situation up to the show as uncomfortable though. Here is a sampling of the times I felt uncomfortable that night:

1. Eating at Mama's Home Cooking (or something like that) on Colfax- Laura and I dressed up for the show, and I was stared at by one dude who was having a conversation with another dude about where the food is better- prison or jail.

2. Leaving Mama's- We were asked (not very nicely) for $1.99 from an intoxicated lady and her intoxicated man friend for the $1.99 breakfast special at Mama's. I did not have $1.99 on me, and when we said no, the man crossed the busy street and yelled that we were trash. Hrm.

3. Got to the show a little early. By a little early I mean we got there right after the band, who hadn't even done sound check yet. Embarrassing! We talked to a few guys in the band for a bit and hightailed out of there to entertain ourselves elsewhere for a while. One guy informs us of their stalkers. We see a picture of them by the door and say that if we see them we'll challenge them to a dance off.

4. Drove the wrong way down a one way street, which was so badly signed that not one of us in the car noticed until we were flashed by several people's headlights.

5. Drank margaritas in a teeny tiny Mexican restaurant, Laura suffering the stairs of the lady working there. We think maybe they didn't like us taking up valuable table space with drinking only.

6. I got a little hot dancing my pants off at the show, so I decided step out for a minute to cool off. Guess who I hit in the face with the door on my way out? ONE OF THE STALKERS. I heard a lady outside calling 911 to report the stalker, who apparently divorced her husband to stalk these guys around the world on their tour. Yikes!

7. Stayed after the show to talk to band members, ended up being the last (not employed by the venue) people to leave. First there, last to leave.

Wa-ton! That was one weird night, but the concert was truly awesome.

We're getting ready for Thanksgiving around here. This is my first time hosting without my ma coming to help. I've never made my own turkey before, and I'm willing to accept all advice concerning the beast, which is in the fridge presently. I need to get to the store later to get the rest of my needed feast items! Water you guys doing this week?

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