Thursday, November 5, 2009

Super Cool Halloween Fiesta

Thought I'd share a couple pictures from the fiesta.


My breast friend Laura and myself.


Melissa the mombie and Brad who went by "Harry Slaughter" or, my personal favorite "Scary Potter."


Heather the cat and Ryan the gangster.


Fambly shot!


The grub! I was fully expecting drunk people to want to eat those candy coated spider delicacies later in the evening, and I WAS WRONG. Note to self: Not everyone loves the candy like I do!


Thank heavens for Melissa, who ate the ultimate candy corn cupcake!

I was lucky enough to score this mullet at the Humane Society thrift store for $2.50. Her name is Beverly, which becomes the name of anyone wearing her. She looks great on everyone, but Felix wins the prize for Best Beverly look.


Second place goes to Jeffrey, who lovingly wore Beverly all night.


In other news, I've been sewing my pants off to get ready for the craft fair. I'll try to get some pictures taken so I can share!

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