Thursday, July 1, 2010

We've got sad faces

Hello everybody!

I wanted to explain my absences here as I know it isn't nice to disappear. The purpose of our trip to Wyoming was to get together as a family and spend some time with my dad's dad, Grandpa LeRoy, who was very sick with what he referred to as "the cancer."


Grandpa LeRoy passed away last Friday in Wyoming, and my family is pretty sad about that.


(I think he'd like me to point out that he's wearing his favorite and most comfortable shirt.)

Grandpa LeRoy liked books, rocks, arrowheads, making stuff, catsup (that's how he said it!), making sure his hair looked good, feasts, catching fun creatures (like toads and crawfish), records, funny jokes, and Grandma Donna.


Melissa said...

I'm really sorry Ashley. I'm glad you guys got to see him before he passed away.

Anonymous said...

And also rhubarb.

gidgetsews said...

awww. God love him.