Thursday, February 10, 2011

Handmade Favorites #4: Wedding Hair Majesty by Kris

My stepmom Kris used to work at a flower shop and has mad skills with the blooms, yo.  (Sorry, I'm currently in gangster training.)  When the Chainsaw and I decided to legally unite our spirits, she ever so kindly did the flowers for us, including this pretty flower crown for my hair!

Kissy time

She also made awesome bouquets for me and Laura.

On our way!

Katie didn't get one because she's mad scared of bees, and I went with the ol' ONE maid of dishonor and that's it routine, but really Katie should have had one made of fake flowers for being awesome.  Anyway.


My glorious little crown hangs next to my dirty magic mirror in the hallway by my bedroom.  I could clean the mirror, but I'm a little afraid that might remove some of its magic.  I recently called Kris for advice on making my own fake (Katie approved!?) flower crown, and she is a genius you guys.  I made one so far, and it's pretty cool!  I'll be sharing soon.

Kris is going to go work at the flower shop this weekend to help them out for Valentine's Day!  Good luck jumping back into the thorn infested VD pool, baby girl!

Also, five minutes before I started to write this I busted a little handmade favorite double cat action going on on the couch.




jmcneese said...

in that picture katie is actually scanning the horizon for bees.

Katie said...

How about I'm not just mad scared of bees but I'm mad allergic to them too? Hey, do you remember that weird creature that buzzed around during your vows? I think that was even scarier than the bees.