Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I think I'm going to survive.

I kept people fairly updated on facebook, but I will repeat it here- I have been a lazy, sickly pile of couch magnet since I got back from Las Vegas.  For reals.


My cleavage and I were lucky enough to hang out with my best lady and her two lovely sisters for a whole weekend.  Then I was lucky enough to catch Felix's cold and come down with some kind of half flu, which wasn't as nasty as real flu, but it hurt, homes.

Today is the first day in almost two weeks that I actually created something!  It was all Felix, actually.  He said we needed to make something together, so I got out my copy of Martha Stewart's Good Things for Kids.  It took a while to find a project that we had the junk for.  I'm not so good at saving stuff like paper towel tubes and cereal boxes, but I did happen to have an empty half and half container on the fridge.

Can I count this as a Project Restyle?!  We restyled the heck out of this carton.


This is The Midnight Cow, a cow truck that is almost invisible at night.  Of course, we couldn't find any cows in our house.  Dinosaurs, sabertooth tigers, bugs- YES!  Cows, no.  Oh well!


Felix painted this side, which is a cow getting chased by a bunch of balls.  Obviously!  The half and half spout is for shooting things, kids.  That's what Felix says.

So this was made out of that half and half container, much masking tape, elmer's glue, two empty spools, and a bunch of craft sticks.  Felix glued sticks together and helped paint, while I handled the more mom appropriate tasks of cutting the container and getting it taped together just right.  We spent all morning working on this and jamming out!  I'm going to start saving more junk so we can start doing more of these projects together.  It was really fun, and Felix told me he loved me at least 15 times and thanked me a few more than that.

I'll be back soon with more creations and regularly scheduled programming.


Bonus Felix looking adorable before leaving for school yesterday!

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Micaela said...

i LOVE felix's hat!!! and the name felix. do you know that's what i want to name my future daughter? my grandfather (mom's dad) was named Felix and i desperately want to name a girl that :)

also... i LOVE your red lipstick! it's one of my favorite things too ;) thank you for entering my giveaway-- you know how to make a girl feel special! xo