Thursday, January 27, 2011

Handmade Favorites #3: Graduation Quilt made by Laura


My breast friend Laura made me this awesome photo quilt for a graduation present!


I really should have ironed it better, but I didn't feel like getting forceful with it.  I'm having a busy day.


As far as I remember, Laura made this with the help of our very favorite English teacher Darth Bater, who is not only a teacher, but a quilter, weaver, sheep lover extraordinaire, etc.


I was totally surprised to receive this awesome quilt of friendship and love.  She had asked me for some pictures, and I was expecting a scrapbook, which our friend Liz was a total badass at creating.  I got her a pink sapphire ring because she was hankering for a flashy jewel!

I'm heading to Vegas this weekend to meet Laura and her sisters!  I'll be back next week kids.