Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Vintage Wardrobe

I bought this pretty vintage shirt at a consignment store in Wyoming on my way to South Dakota a couple trips ago. I didn't actually try it on until a couple weeks ago, when, much to my surprise, it fits me like a glove. Ok, it fits me like a shirt with sleeves that are maybe a little too short, but that's ok with me. It's better than not being able to zip up that last inch. Anyway.


The tag says it's "Trail Wear." Whatever does that mean? I want it to mean that it's a cowgirl shirt, but it doesn't seem super cowgirly to me.


This shirt has gained a spot on "Ashley's Favorite Shirt List," which exists only in my imagination. I love its pretty color and fun design. I wouldn't wear pearls with it again, they did not stay in the shirt, and, looking at these photos now, didn't necessarily accentuate it at all. Oh well. I thought pearls looked good with everything!

In other news, Happy 2011 to you all! We partied across the street, and I stuck to my guns about not having a hangover on New Year's Day. I will admit to having the tiniest headache and taking an afternoon nap, but I done good and switched to water (switching back to champagne just for midnight!). I also spent a good portion of yesterday sorting scraps, so prepare yourself mentally and physically (maybe some eyeball stretches?) for patchwork madness. I also have a giveaway in the works. I hope 2011 is filled with much love and joy for you all!


Anonymous said...

I think trail rated means it could be made by Jeep. Or maybe that you should wear it to a picnic. However it's meant it's a great get up!

Megpie said...

It's a super-cute shirt Ashley!

I don't think it's the pearls, I think it's simply the length and size of the pearls! More of a choker length would work, and maybe an 8 or 10mm instead of the 6. Just my two cents ;)

sarah said...

love that top. love.

Yellowbird said...

Wow just came across your blog today. I love all the color color color. Awesome.