Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trashy Tuesday with Too Hot Butter #2: Rejar

This week's lucky winner:
Rejar by Dara Joy copyright 1997 (Dang, 1997 seems like just yesterday, but it was 14 years ago!)

Finding a good romance novel tip #1: Look for AWESOME/sexy pictures on the spine.

As you can see, it was nearly impossible for me to leave this one at the library.


This book is apparently a sequel or part of some kind of interconnected story system. In either case, I'm pretty sure Rejar is an alien. That's what I picked up, and I think I'd know more if I read the book about his brother and his wife (from Earth). Anyway, let's get back on track.

The beginning of this book finds Rejar, some kind of alien (see above) also known as a Familiar, which means he can turn into a big ol' pussy cat at will, being spit out of something known as the "Tunnels" into the lap of Lilac, who takes the kitty cat home with her. To sum that up, CatMan falls from the sky into Lilac's lap.


He is infatuated with Lilac immediately, so he sleeps with her in cat form, turns back into a naked man, and convinces Lilac she is dreaming while he performs otherworldly sexual favors on her in order to win her heart. Then he introduces himself to society as a Russian prince, using the powers of thought suggestion, of course. Then he pretty much tricks her into marrying him, they fall in love, etc.

Choice Quotes:
The first lines of the book (copied as seen, with italics and indents and crap)-
"He was a totally sexual creature.
      Handsome as sin, sensual as silk.
      His name was Rejar."

"It is not seemly to inspect a man so intently!"

"The Familiar had brought her to peak with his kiss alone."

Dirty Parts:
The dirty parts were pretty cheesy in a good way. Lilac thinks Rejar's name is Prince Nickolai and refuses to call him Rejar. So Rejar performs some Familiar ritual known as the 900 Strokes of Love, which is obviously too many strokes for a non-Familiar woman. They dirty parts were cheesy, but delightfully descriptive.

Report Card for Spring Rain
Overall Story: C
Romance Story: C
Cheesy Parts: A
Dirty Parts: A

Official word:

The one had a little twist on the classic romance novel in that Rejar was the main character. We pretty much follow him, and he has to convince Lilac to love him or whatever. So I did enjoy that aspect! The story with Rejar's family was a little confusing, but that may be because I didn't read the first book. The cheese in this book was awesome, and the cover alone should be worth extra credit points.


Oh my Rejar! Do you have a six packs on your sides, too?!

This one gets a B. The story kind of sucks, but its classic romance goodness helped me pretend it didn't suck long enough to get to the good parts.

In news that must be exciting to you all, my dear sweet friends, I am going to review some romance novels in my personal, overflowing collection so I can give them away here when I'm finished with them.

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carmar76 said...

LOL okay, i read this book probably about when it came out, or soon after. and i remember thinking cheesey, but i like cheesey! : ) plus, dara joy! she's one of my favorites for that genre. thanks for highlighting the cheddar goodness!