Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Felix and Nana on her last day at our house.

A couple of our friends were over the other night to pick up their daughter that the Chainsaw was so nicely babysitting for them when they noticed something was missing.  Nana.

I was always a big dirty pug lover, and I was super excited to finally have my own.  However, new puppy + new mom + baby= AHHHHH!!!!!  I used to cry because she drove me nuts and I didn't know what to do about it.  Long story short, I don't think I ever really bonded with Nana.

A couple months ago I found Nana a new home.  I had been refraining from doing this because I didn't want Felix to hate me, but it turned out that it was easy peasy- Felix must not have been as attached as he let on!  Nana's new best human friend is a 13 year old boy (less mean than a 4 year old).  His mother runs a special needs school with a handful of students, and Nana spends her day at school.  She apparently cries when her new friend leaves the room, which she never did to us!

Whenever I told people that I didn't like her and wanted to find her a new home, someone would inevitably tell me I was mean (to Nana, Felix, whoever), and I think that's why I haven't advertised the fact that she's gone.  However, I stand by my decision as the best one.

Nana finally has someone to love and who is willing to give her the love she thinks she deserves.  I don't have to vacuum my couch every day, my yard doesn't smell like poop, and I don't have anyone following me around crying for food anymore.  Felix whines about missing her every few weeks, but not one tear has been shed.

Glory Pug

Nana was a good sport, and I feel so happy in my heart that she has the perfect family for her these days.

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Anonymous said...

You are so not mean for finding Nana a new home. You cared enough to find her a home that sounds like a wonderful place for a dog. You didn't just drop her off at a shelter, which happens too often when people get pets that they can't take care of.