Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Art Journal

I bought myself the gift of Red Velvet Art's Art Journal All Year E-Course in an effort to be more artsy.  So far I've discovered that I really enjoy painting pictures I've torn out of books.  It feels naughty to destroy a book!  Luckily, the thrift store offers many choice books at a price that makes me A-OK with the destruction.  Anywho.  Here's the first page of my art journal.

Making this page was so fun that I have to resist the urge to paint on a cat picture for every page.

For my love list I turned this snazzy Anthro girl standing next to some bigass trees into a cute little gnome girl hula hooping in the forrest.  Awww.

And here is my into page.  Once again I destroyed a book, and I feel zero percent guilty about it because it was the worst romance novel of all time.  You guys know I read a lot of that shit, and this might be the first one that I didn't finish.  The story sucked.  The main character refers to herself in third person, and her name is Glenda.  You like Glenda, no?  No, as a matter of fact, I do not like Glenda.  I also don't like that for several pages I was pretty sure your main man meat was a bad guy out to rape you, but I guess he's not.  Whatever.

Sorry about that tangent, but not really.  So I was minding my own business making this page when it dawned on me that I put a motherflipping bird on my head.  My cat picture has a bird on its head.  So the first two pages of my book have bird heads.  I am one of the (apparently) few people who don't find the "put a bird on it" thing very funny.  Perhaps I haven't given it enough chances.  Napoleon Dynamite took me a couple watches to really enjoy.  There was a many week gap between creating those pages, and the bird thing was completely unintentional.  You like Glenda, no?

Also, I considered not posting this page with a couple personal sentences on it (I have a picture of it without the words).  In fact, I went back to delete it from my flickr account, but in the end I kept it up.  Just trying to keep it human here, folks.  My world isn't all glitter and sunshine, but that's ok.

I have a lot going on today.  I need to go see if I can scam some Apple Care on my phone (slash bff), see if I can get my wedding ring made a little smaller, bring some wallets to the Fancy Tiger in Denver, followed by thrifting adventures with Roxann plus corndogs.  That's right.  Corndogs.  Happy Wednesday!

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