Monday, September 30, 2013

Fine Art by Fine People

We didn't end up doing a whole lot while our friends were in town.  Aside from feasting, we did a lot of that, and did a good job if I may say so myself.  Not everyone was in 100% physical condition immune system-wise.  Also Katie has a long term project in the works that requires her to abstain from certain adults only activities like drinking beers or margaritas.  It's a baby project and I'm really excited that she's half done.

Anyway, she suggested we work on some animal projects yesterday, so I brought up a stack of magazines and my favorite giant, sturdy watercolor paper.  Then we went to town on ripping out pictures for potential Fine Ass Art.

We'll start with Felix, who put the serious hurt on several Cat Fancy covers.  I only requested that he keep his paws and Fiskars off my dang centerfolds.  I have big evil plans for those.  In the end, he only used one with powerful effect.


Yes it says I kill mice, and something like mrrtrre, which is obviously how the word MURDERER should be spelled.  The skull on his shirt is a mouse skull, and the other one is just a badass cat skull.

Katie's might be my favorite.  I believe she raided a 1984 copy of National Geographic featuring manatees on the cover (sooo cute!) and a Cat Fancy.  That poodle is gold.  PURE GOLD.  I tell you what.


Oh man, I can't get enough.  I edited it a little and made it look like an old timey picture.  Katie approved.  And she left it here for me because she's awesome like that.

And for mine, I used an elk basking in fiery colored fall foliage and some model from a magazine.  Boom!


Also a little butterfly action for good measure.

Ok, this post was a total life diversion from what I promised myself I'd be doing, which is going down to the basement and starting work on a few new small wallets.  I'm doing a super business-y meetup in Denver tomorrow so HB can plaster itself on Denver just a little harder.  All business, no best friends gyro meat feasts.  That last part was a lie!  Super best friends month isn't ending in September!  Remember kids, friends that gyro together stay together.

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