Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has a luxurious weekend planned.


Ain't no luxury like a boulder lounger, right?  I dragged my family out for a hike on Labor Day weekend.  I read that it wasn't that hard, but it turns out that it was pretty strenuous, with something like a 1400 foot elevation gain.  We did it slow and steady and encountered a mountain rescue after someone hurt their ankle.



Totally worth it!  Anywho, my plans for the weekend including cleaning (pretty much all I've been doing this week), the library book sale tomorrow, possibly the Pirate Con (haven't quite decided if I'm up to paarrrrty), and probably more cleaning.

Today I'm meeting Laura at the airport.  It turns out our awesome friend Liz from high school is also having a Denver airport layover this afternoon, so this airport business is turning into a glorious reunion!

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