Friday, April 8, 2011

Belated Birthday Drawing

If you're not a facebook fan, I may have left ya'll hanging on the giveaway drawing.  I started feeling not so hot Wednesday afternoon, which was quickly followed by feeling BAD, which is way worse than not so good, you know?  I think it's the flu.  Anyway.  I'm starting to feel better today.  I have written down many names on many slips of paper and will now choose the lucky winners!

Prize #1

This cute card wallet goes to the ever so lucky Anthony Faber, whom I assume will be giving this to a lady friend, unless he's a dude that likes pink and pretty leaves, which is cool, too.  :D

Prize #2

The wristlet goes to the also very lucky Juliana.

Prize #3

The pigs and ice cream wallet is excited to find a home with Tara!  Yay Tara!

Prize #4

The slouchy bag from the HB archives is pleased to escape my basement and go on the ultimate journey to Italy.  That's right.  Congrats Silvia!

Thanks to everyone who played along.  I'm excited to feel better and check out all you newcomers who commented.  Based on your favorite animals, ya'll is good people who like sweet animals.

I have used my sick time to get many things done.  I'm going to make a list.

  • I really broke in that heating pad my midwife suggested we get for Felix's birth.  I haven't used it much, but it's officially served its purpose and will no longer go unnoticed under my bathroom sink.
  • I watched the whole first season of Californication, and it's awesome and I love it.  Holy boobs!  Seriously, muchos naked ladies are in this show, which means I had to sneak it in while Felix was at school/in bed.
  • I took 4 baths in 36 hours, which has to be some kind of personal record.
  • I also watched an awesome program called Snakemaster, which was about a guy in search of a giant anaconda.  Sounded a little sexy, but it turned out to actually be about a guy searching for a giant anaconda.  He totally finds one, wrassles it, and then holds/plays with it.  I can't believe that snake didn't just eat that guy.  
Ok, I'm going to get back to work, and by work I mean parking my butt on the couch.  Peace out homes!  I'll write a post about my trip soon (hopefully tomorrow!), but feel free to check out some awesome mossy forrest pictures on flickr!


SewTara said...

*happy dance*
Thanks for the fun. Time to watch my mailbox.

MadameRenard said...

I'm so happy!!!
Thank you for including me, although I'm in Italy!!! :)

I've noticed that I left a wrong e-mail address (in my comment in the giveaway post), the correct address is:

A big hug from Itay!