Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Washington Part Two: The Beach and a Waterfall

One not too rainy day, Laura took me up to see the glorious Nooksack Falls.  Yes, Nooksack.  Say it and don't laugh.  Then go to the Nooksack casino for happy hour.


It was a double complete waterfall that sometimes started to look like a triple waterfall.


Extreme Danger!  There was a sign by the parking lot listing all the unfortunate souls who disregarded the warnings, climbed on the slippery rocks, and plummeted to their deaths, including one pregnant lady.  Yikes!


This is the pretty green pool at the top of the falls.


I love all the glorious mossy green river rocks.

On my last rainy Washington day, we went on a little driving adventure, which led us to this glorious beach where a body can dig up their own shellfish.  We didn't do that, but we did investigate many shells and pretty beach rocks.


I officially love low tide.


Special thanks to my lovely hand model Jeffrey Geoffrey (pronounced gee-off-er-ee.


Laura walked on water and I was baptized into the holy order of those with pockets full of sand and shells.


Laura found one delicious crab claw and a shell platter on which to place her feast!


And by feast I mean stanky toothpick.


Laura had a cold.  I didn't and was able to smell the unfresh aroma of this discarded claw/arm combo and could not make myself put it that close to my grill.

Ok folks.  That's all my best Washington pictures.  More variety of the same scenes to be perused on my flickr page.

I'm getting ready for the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market next month.  Can't wait!!

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Becky Farley said...

Is that freshwater!? It's amazing! Those photos are great! Wish we had some water falls in FL ;) no mountains whompwhomp