Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Battle Gear

One last giveaway reminder:  I'm going to draw sometime this evening at the exact hour of When I Feel Like It o'clock.  The prize giveaway on my blog is here.  The facebook fan gift certificate giveaway is here.  Thanks to everyone who has entered so far!  I haven't had the time to respond to comment entries, but I've read them all and think you are all awesome based on your favorite animal choices.

Last week Felix created this choice "battle gear" set out of his Tinker Toys.


He told me not to tell him to smile for these pictures because that's not a battle face.  The thing on the floor is both a dog and a shooting machine.


He even made a cool belt out of one of the tubes so he could wear his swords and knives.


Then I made him make silly faces.  I held him down and twisted his arm because this kid HATES making silly faces.




I got home from my Washington trip yesterday evening, and I'll have fun trip pictures to share soon!

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Becky Farley said...

bahahaha battle gear!! :) he's so cute!!
Happy belated birthday Felix!