Monday, March 28, 2011

25! Giveaway and Sale!

Hi friends!  I celebrated my 25th birthday this weekend with my friends and family (some in person and some on the phone!), and it was awesome.  I scammed up some HB prizes to give away in honor of my birthday.  Each prize will have its own winner!

Prize #1:


I just made this pretty wallet last week!  Unfortunately I fried my label a little bit.


It is completely functional and needs someone to love it despite it's minor flaw.  :)

Prize #2:


This is a fun little wristlet/pouch from the archives!


Prize #3:


Pigs and Ice Cream Wallet


Prize #4:


Slouchy Corduroy Bag from the HB archives



I'll draw a lucky winner for each of these when I return from my birthday adventure to Washington.  Please comment on this post with your name, serial number, whether or not you're susceptible to any diseases, and if I like you, I'll pick you to win a prize.  Ok, just your name, favorite animal, and make sure I have a way to notify you if you win.

I'm also going to give away a gift certificate on Hot Butter's facebook fan page (link on the right), and I have a coupon code for 25% off purchases in the Hot Butter shop!  This sale will only run until Wednesday night.  I'm going on a trip Thursday morning, so if you can't wait to win, grab it while its HOT and on SALE!  The coupon code is:  BIRTHDAY11


Sarah said...

Love your stuff! Way way cute!
Sarah Rosenberg
Favorite animal: Owls (i think it's more of an obsession)
contact info:

A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz said...

Hot Butter is the best! Woohoo!
Name: A. J.
Fav. animal: puppies, everywhere
contact: liszkiewicz AT gmail

I BLEED PINK said...

Oh, pigs and ice cream cones, sign me up!!!

Erica B.
Favorite Animal - Unicorns, because they are magical like me...LOL

Contact -

PS - I would provide my serial number, but the prison's don't like for us to do that anymore.

Sara May said...

Hurray! Happy 25th Birthday! And thank you for such a lovely giveaway!
My name is Sara and my favourite animal is a lamb
Thank you!

ieasa said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
Its me Ieasa, My favorite animal is the Elephant and my dog.
I seem to be susceptible to the disease called pregnancy. Oh wait that is not a disease. I miss cookies.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday trip.

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday! I also celebrated mine this past week! I am Stacey Pryce of Cute E's Photography and I love your stuff. I am new to your blog. I stumbled upon it while looking for some craft ideas! My favorite animal is the Hippo!

LeeAnn said...

Happy Birthday! I'm kinda loving the woodpeckers that visit my bird feeder now, so I'll choose them. And I lost my serial number and thus I told my husband I am non-returnable. :)

Michelle said...

Name: Michelle

Favorite animal: Pangolin (for now)


Daphna said...

Happy B-day!
One of my favorite animals: Fish (ok...I'm a piscean!)
Awesome stuff!

kate said...

I just came back from my friend's 25th bday celebration! What fun! Happy Birthday to you!

Name - kate
Fav Animal - kittens!
Contact - kmccurrach (at) gmail (dot) com

SewTara said...

Ohhh I love that slouchy bag!

Jenn said...

Happy birthday! :)

Name: Jenn Malenfant
Favorite animal: squid

Anonymous said...

Yo, you got skillz.
My favorite animal is the under-appreciated duck-billed platypus.
Sorry we missed your bash, say howdy-ho to Laura and Jeffski.

Meghann said...

Happy bday Ash! My fav is and has always been whales. Huge, amazing, majestic creatures! Now when are we going to get together to celebrate our birthdays?! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Name: Anthony Faber
Favorite animal: Polar Bear

Danielle said...

Ironically on my FB status this weekend, I posted about an ice cream sunday topped with bacon. The reality is that I am just not with it. But you, you are on it like bacon on a sundae. Touchè.

Julianna said...

I love your stuff..and would love to win a prize

raynae said...

Love it! It's always fun to find new etsy artists (that I haven't seen before). I love your stuff!
I am: Rayna Ehlert
Favorite Animal: Toss-up between a narwhal and a unicorn and a penguin :)


MadameRenard said...

Happy birthday!!!
I really like all your wallets!
name: Silvia
Favourite animal: fox (as you can imagine reading my nickname).
I live in Italy, I'm not sure if this giveaway is open also to me, but... I tried! :)
madamerenard[at]yahoo[dot]it said...

Love your creations. Will share giveaway. I have so many favorite animals, I'd say puppies are number one.

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Ashley! I hope you and Laura had a magnificent time! Love, Fang

PS: I love giraffes.

Tee* said...

You are by far the cutest little blogger ever. My favorite animal today is snails. Yea. Snails.
my contact info: fudgiepickles[at]

Katie said...

Oh hey old lady! I may be too late for this but I thought I would tell you about my newest favorite animal.

Name: Your favorite cheese dealer in Wisconsin
Favorite Animal: the Black Capped Chickadee!!
Contact: in case the cheese dealer didn't give it away,