Thursday, March 10, 2011

Handmade Favorites #5: Rainbow Afghan

I've been desperately wanting this rainbow afghan crocheted by Becky of Strumpets Crumpets for many moons.  I was going to ask for it for Christmas but forgot.  I thought I was going to have to wait for my birthday.  Then Chainsaw asked what I wanted for VD (Valentine's Day sounds cooler to me when referred to simply as "VD"), I knew immediately that the rainbow blanket would be MINE.

rainbow blanket

(I swiped this photo from its etsy listing.)

It now lives on my couch, where Felix and I fight over it.  It's super soft, super huge, and loved by all animals and people in the Butter household.


Felix doesn't hold very still when he's modeling.


I found this awesome dog panel at Joanne in the clearance section and sewed these dog pillows right up. Their names are Susan and Lilly (that's what the panel said), and they look adorable on my couch.  Felix tries to steal them.

Anyway, thanks to Becky for making such an awesome afghan.  Thanks to Chainsaw for loving me so much that he can't resist my rainbow blanket pleas.


I BLEED PINK said...

Ooh, pretty!! Reminds me of one my grandmother left me.

I love the little doggie pillows, so fun!

Becky Farley said...

OMG it look so pretty in it's new home!! :) I'm so stoked you bought it - really! It could not have gone to someone more understanding of handmade!!! :) ROY G BIV forever!!!!!!