Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fancy Meeting You Here

I see that you were so happy about my last post that you're back for more!  I'm only too happy to give it to you.  Just like I was so happy to give myself a new wallet last month.  Check check it:


I heart this liberty print so hard that it's lucky I'm a married woman.  When I finished these wallets, I immediately knew that this was THE ONE.  As you can see, my old wallet was looking a little sad, which is not good for when people ask you what kind of stuff you make.  I usually use my wallet as an example, so I always keep a one dollar bill wrapped about my many, many benjamins.  Ok, fine.  It's a Jackson and some Lincolns if I'm lucky.  I've been rocking that old wallet for years, and I'm pretty sure if I washed it it would look brand new again.  I just wanted one that was actually brand new.


Sometimes I get messages asking how much stuff they can actually fit into one of my small wallets, and the official Hot Butter approved answer is "Probably too much stuff will fit in your wallet."  I'm going to be honest here, my wallet snaps and looks fine, but it could probably do with a few less reward cards.  I don't want to use the tiny ones on my keychain either.  I'm not sure what the answer is to this problem.  Maybe I should get a keychain that is for rewards cards only?  Problem solved!


In other Hot Butter specific news, I've gone back to my original labels.  I used to always use ink jet fabric paper that you print your design on directly.  I got the iron on kind so I didn't have to worry about keeping it straight while I was sewing it.  Then I discovered iron on transfers were way cheaper, and have been using those for a long time now.  My original labels were on sale at JoAnns one morning that I happened to be there, and I bought some of those.  Oh my goodness label gracious, ya'll.  These are way better.  I'll be using JoAnns coupons from now on and scoring only high quality, no transferring, easy peasy good looking labels for your brand enjoyment.

Oh man, I was on blog fire and now I'm writing about labels.  I'll entice you back for my next post with this heavily edited photo of me and my sister's dog Buster making out:


The only reason this photo exists is to make my sister jealous of how much her dog loves my face more than he loves hers.  It's like using her heart as an ashtray.  Just kidding.  I love you Alyssa, but not as much as Buster loves me.  The end!

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LeeAnn said...

I am going to try your label method. I have been trying different options but haven't settled on one I love, yet. And I am so excited about your new machine! I have been sewing with leather too, but you wouldn't know it because I have been a bad blogger. :)