Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I decided to go handmade and NOT SEXY this year, just to shake things up. I saw this tutorial Chelsea from Sea Blanket shared on A Beautiful Mess, and decided I wanted to be an owl. I accidentally spent 4 hours working on this part the other day, and I don't have any pictures of it. You'll have to wait for the final unveiling!

Today I made a couple owl masks to go with my costume.


This one is made using a black plastic mask form I bought at Hobby Lobby because Felix begged me to. It was a three pack, and I have at last used one for good! Unfortunately, it's a little hard to see/breathe and my face gets all sweaty in this beast.


That lead to me making this mask out of a pair of thrifted sunglasses. I popped the lenses out and hot glued feathers on it. This one is much more comfortable although I do need to trim some of those pesky nose ticklers!

This is the first of a few years that we're not hosting our own Butter household Halloweenie party. I usually get so stressed out cleaning and cooking that I have a headache by the time the party starts. Not this year! This year we attend a party not of our throwing.


I love Giant Dwarf's Starlette Crowns so much, but I can't exactly afford them. Therefore I copycatted her in a big way for personal use and felt super cute all night at work.

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