Monday, November 15, 2010

The Crazy Cat Lady Skirt


My friend Martina of EyeLab was wearing a glorious cat skirt the day I met her, and I happened to notice the same kitty kitty fabric at JoAnn the other day. Now I too can claim the glory of wearing a cat skirt, which I did at work last night. It's another exposed elastic waist skirt, for the record.


My sweet Double Rainbow is getting so big! I would have like to have gotten a picture of me in the cat skirt holding all my cats, but I don't think Jezebel Lincoln would stand for such humiliation.

And to change the subject completely, Felix once admired a hat in a picture of my friend Matt. Matt got a new green hat and ever so nicely passed his old one on to Felix.


Matt predicted Felix wearing it all the time, and that guy should probably invest in a crystal ball and get a job telling the future. Felix loves it and has already written an adorable thank you note complete with drawing of the hat.

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Micaela said...

i really love your hair and eyebrows. so pretty!