Saturday, November 6, 2010

Everything that is awesome and delicious

I haven't been actively seeking garage/estate sales lately, but I do try to stop if I see a sign and have a few doubloons in my pocket. The last two I've been to happened to be on their last leg, which means 50% off!

Thursday I spotted an estate sale sign on my way to pick Felix up from school. On our way home, we stopped, and we happened to have 10 minutes before they were done. I found this beautiful ivory leather coat. It didn't have a price tag.


It's missing a button, which the lady told me popped off that day when someone else was trying it on. I'll be repairing it soon! So anywho, I left the coat on while asking it's price in an attempt to convince the lady that I needed this coat and I needed it for a sweet deal. Then the universe parted the clouds and answered my prayers. She gave it to me for $3!

I had the other night off and chose to focus my domestic energies on dessert. That's right, I said dessert. First I made a delicious vanilla custard to chill in my fridge before becoming delicious ice cream/frozen custard/the best thing ever. Then I got out my super awesome apple peeler/corer/slicer and went to down on a bag of apples, which quickly became the best apple pie ever, recipe courtesy of my friend Mike.

Mike highly suggested the lattice crust top, and that guy only speaks the truth when it comes to apple pie.


I don't have the fancy outer crust making skills, but my pie plate was kind of huge (and I use my Grandma's secret crust recipe- Pillsbury, the kind that's rolled up). The flour/sugar mixture becomes some kind of delicious compote like substance under the crust. Double duty extra awesome, ya'll.

Then I made my man folk grilled ham and cheese sandwiches because that's all the energy my heart had left.

I'm making skeleton key necklaces out of the sweet collection of skeleton keys I risked my life for in Grandpa LeRoy's storage unit. I think he'd think they're awesome. Pictures soon!


Jen said...

LOVE that coat - what an incredible deal! And really, it should be considered some kind of abuse to post delicious-looking, salivation-inducing pictures without including the recipe.

Rebekah said...

Fabulous Lady!!!