Sunday, November 7, 2010



I finally finished (only) most of the partially done wristlets that have taken over my table for that last uh..way too long, ok?


My topstitching looks funky on this one because the purple fabric hid almost all of the stitches, so the few that are showing look kind of funny in pictures. Oh well! It's super cute.


I love this green and white fabric. It looks like a glorious little forrest on my wrist.


A very nice lady asked me if I'd be interested in upholstery samples at a craft fair a long time ago. The universes aligned, and she wasn't joking when she said she had tons she didn't want to throw away. I still need to make her a special thank you present now that I think about it. Let's add that to the never ending to do list, shall we?

These ladies are present in the newly updated Wristlet section of my shop.

I haven't taken any awesome photos of these yet, but here's a sneak peek at some of the skeleton key necklaces I made yesterday.


I finished six yesterday afternoon and am presently waiting on the rest of my favorite keys to unrustify themselves in a glass of vinegar. I scrubbed them with baking soda first, which got a bunch of it off. Any advice on how to make this happen quicker? Sand paper? I do not want to go buy toxic rust removing chemicals.


I'm going to have a giveaway for one of these soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

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gridjunky said...

Hey, just peeking in from flickr. The construction is great on these. I dig that contrast between the color blocking and the pleated patterns. Nice work.