Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New cap

I bought this pattern from etsy user Shara Lamberth Designs the other night.  I made it today, and it is lovely.


It's reversible, but the fabric I used on the other side puckered a bit here and there and my topstitching is highly visible and not even close to perfect. Oh well, what do I need that boring side for when I have this beautiful side made from a vintage sheet.


Felix and I spent yesterday morning cruising Pearl Street in Boulder looking for a birthday present for our friend Galileo, who turned TWO yesterday. Some of the tulips were blooming and too pretty to pass up for a photo.


The party was at a park nestled almost right against the mountains, and apparently us humans aren't the only ones who enjoy it!


This notice is on the bear proof trash cans. 


Notice anything here? Apparently Super Lahja loves his cape and rarely takes it off. That sure filled my heart with glee. Felix only uses his on occasion!


We sure had a fun day, despite the fact that it was chilly and overcast for most of the afternoon.  Thank you to Galileo for being cool enough to turn two and to Brooke and Russel for the super fun party.  Felix would like to do it again today!  :D


LeeAnn said...

I am not a hat person (really big head!) but that is the most adorable hat I have ever seen. Plus you wear them really well! Love the fabric you picked too!

Amy Renee Martin said...

Lovely hat. Love the picture next to the tulips!

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

love that hat!