Friday, April 23, 2010

Thrift Scores

I thrifted these adorable red sandals the other day.


They are a 9 1/2, which is at least half a size too big, if not a whole size. I put them on at home, and Felix asked if they fit. I said no, and he asked me if it was because I have Fred Flintstone Feet like him. Ha! I'm hoping I can get some inserts or something to help them fit.

I also got this beauty for $10.


It was dark when I took this (from a funny angle, at that!), but it's awesome. It looks kind of like a high bench, has two drawers, and these cool compartments on top. The top closes over these, and has already been slammed on somebody's fingers. Somebody who cried about it. A lot. This somebody still thinks it's an appropriate place to keep his spider ring. Whatever.

I'm trying to get some of the old furniture stink out of it. I also need to vacuum out those compartments. I can't even pretend they're clean.


Sneak peek at four hats I finished today and yesterday. These have fully functional reverse features, which I'm excited about. Hopefully I'll find a few minutes of light to take better pictures of these tomorrow, after I iron the tar out of them. :D

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Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I love your sandals and your tat!