Monday, April 12, 2010

Nut cup in a microwave?

I'll get to the story involving nut cups after this boring zipper talk. Skip it if you need to get to the good stuff!



I have 200 pretty new zippers sitting on my table. :D It was about time. I was having to get very creative with my color matching lately! Once again, I ordered them from zipperstop on ebay. They combine shipping, so I always like to get more than one lot of 100 zippers to save. I ended up getting 200 zippers for $20 plus $10 shipping, making my zippers 15 cents each. Can't beat that with a stick! They could be even cheaper if I bought more, but I think it's been a couple years since I bought my last 200 zippers. I think that was enough!

I'd also like to introduce you a longstanding tradition I have with my Meyer friends. You guys know my breast friend Laura, right? Well I liked to go to Walmart (or Kmart) with her and her sister Kelly (also a good friend!) in high school and play a fun game we called "Nut Cup in a Cooler." The premise is that we'd go find a nutcup and stick it in a cooler. The ultimate goal was that people wouldn't look inside and see the nut cup, so the Walmart cashier might find it and think they were trying to make off with a nut cup!!

Not very nice of us, huh? Fortunately I'm sure most people check out the inside of a cooler before buying it (I know I would), so I hope we surprised a casual cooler shopper or two!

The point of this story is that Kelly challenged me to play Nut Cup in a Cooler for my birthday. Actually, here is exactly what she said:

"Happy birfday, Hunker. I bought you a round of nut cup in a cooler. It's redeemable at any local store. Some new rules: Bonus points if it's a thrift store--and in that case, I recommend wearing gloves. Double bonus points if one Meyer is present or if you enlist a child to help. Play on, my friend!"

Hunker McKneeley was my alter ego in those days, by the way.

Well, bring on those double points Kelly!!



No coolers present at the thrift store that day, so I enlisted Felix to play Nut Cup in a Thrift Store Microwave instead. I hope that counts!!


Kelly L. Meyer said...

This one certainly earns all the points, darling! I think we need to create a new point category called "creative coolering," into which the microwave would fall. I've also put one in a child's tackle box (not one belonging to a child, still just at the store) and a Bubba Keg (a tiny keg for one large thirst).

Crissy said...

Ha, this is hilarious! your zippers looks so pretty - I love all those colors.