Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I need a nap just writing this.

We've been home from our epic journey since last Thursday night, but I've had a hard time getting myself to shake the dust off this place yet again. Luckily, I am overwhelmed with pictures and stories, it's just hard to find a place to begin.

Our journey went something like this-
Wednesday: Wake up at 4 am, drive for 16 to Chicago, where we stayed with an old friend of the Chainsaw.

Thursday: Chicago!

Friday: Drive across Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and finally, New York at midnight.

Saturday: Do some morning exploring and go to the wedding that inspired the whole trip.

Sunday: Brunch, Niagara Falls, nap, help take care of the wedding alcohol surplus problem.

Monday: Drive to Madison, WI. Pay almost $30 in tolls to save time.

Tuesday: Hang out in Madison with one of my favorite ladies and her scientist gentleman.

Wednesday: Drive 13 hours to the Black Hills of SD with a stop in Mitchell to see the corn palace and my second fambly (my breast friend Laura's parents!). Smootch sleeping Felix.

Thursday: Drive home to Colorado, pet kitty.

Then I had a craft fair to get ready for on Saturday. Add in the mysterious bites I got at the wedding that were causing me a ferocious itching anxiety and a trip to urgent care (before I amputated my own legs below the knee), and I've been busy, tired, and already missing new and old friends from our trip. I wish all my favorite people would move into our neighborhood!


I'll be working on more fun posts from our trip later today! Today is Felix's first day of preschool. :D


Ollie said...

Happy first day of preschool, Felix! I hope he loves it.

Melissa said...

That was me, not "Ollie".