Saturday, August 7, 2010

My future grandchild

The other night Felix was talking about how he's going to have his own kids when he grows up. He was describing one kid in particular who had a mustache for hair, inspired by a picture of a dude was saw on he internet with his head shaved except for a mustache of hair on the front of his head. So of course I asked Felix to draw this kid for me.


Oh my.



I can kind of see the resemblance- mostly in the giant head area. This unborn child has no name so far as I told Felix it is not cool to name your kid Poopy Pants. Felix argued that he will poop his pants because he'll be a baby, which I countered with the fact that he, Felix, also pooped his pants and would not have liked it if I named him Poopy Pants.

I'll be back tomorrow with some cute cute stuff.

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