Monday, August 16, 2010

preserve wildlife. throw a party.

I think these guys would completely approve of that idea.


I had the best time every the other night at Red Rocks. I've always had to sit in the top general admission, but this time we were lucky enough to get a seat in the second row. Of course, it was pretty far off center, but we had a sweet view nonetheless. In fact, I totally got to watch Eugene dancing backstage before going out to join the fun!


I only took a few pictures, and they suck. Those guys dance too hard for good point and shoot pictures. Gogol Bordello put on a fantastic show, and I highly recommend them to anyone who likes to feel the good energy and get down. :D

Other highlights include:

Seeing a guy laying on the ground puking on himself, then watching the security guards send each other flashlight signals (and also point them in drunk guy's face!) and the EMT's carrying the guy out. I'd like to know who leaves their drunk friend puking on himself by the garbage with no supervision. Oh well!

I had a feeling I was going to have an awesome new hair flair to wear to the show, but inspiration didn't strike until 4 pm (and we were leaving at 6). I knew that I needed feathers, vintage metal buttons, and hot glue- STAT! I whipped this pretty thing up in 20 minutes.


I'll take a couple pictures in which you might actually see the details this afternoon when I photograph the new things I created this weekend. I can't believe I didn't get a full body shot of my show costume. I finally got around to wearing my red sequined sash and of course my favorite new boots!

I got the title of this post from this awesome vintage fabric:




My aunt Janna gave me a box of vintage fabric to sort through that she had gotten many moons ago from a family friend. A lot of the fabric was actually reclaimed from other clothes. So this is vintage fabric reclaimed from vintage clothes in vintage times! So cool!



I think this guy's name is Bruno, and wouldn't you know it- Bruno hates seagulls! Oh my, see how he frowns!


The stack. There are a few other larger pieces not in the stack, but I can't believe how pretty it all is and that it took me so long (since our trip to Wyoming) to get this stuff washed.

Also, all my dreams came true this weekend. I'll tell you about that soon. cough cough barnfullofvintageclothes cough cough

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