Sunday, December 12, 2010

Challenge: Heligoat

When my friend Will challenged me to create something with a heligoat on it, I accepted immediately. I wasn't quite sure what to emblazon with this mythical heligoat (part goat, part helicopter), so I let it simmer in the back of my mind.

One day at the thrift store I found a green army bag and snagged it, planning on double rainbowing it up for personal use. Then it hit me that Will might need a manly diaper bag (due to impending fatherhood), and nothing says man like a heligoat.


I decided that showing the heligoat mid-takeoff was the only right way to capture the true magic that is the heligoat.


This story is so old, but I'm kind of proud of myself for not sharing it before the present arrived. I was very proud of it and showed it to many people who stopped by my house and also over skype video chat to at least three separate parties, but I managed to not spill its glory here or on facebook so well that I'm only now remembering that it's cool to share!

Thanks to Will for the inspiring challenge. Maybe someday he'll pass it on to his son in some kind of manly, heligoat ritual.


W.F. said...

I'm famous!

Penguin said...

this is fantastic, also, why heligoat? was it in relation to the great brand plodding through the fields of the north and northwest? if so that's awesome! if not please look them up?