Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starring Felix with special guest- the worst thing that has ever happened to me


Do you know what kids love? Giant whiteboards + markers!


This is obviously a Butter fambly portrait starring Felix on the left, Chainsaw on the right, and the lovely round character in the middle is most obviously me.

Later that night I was minding my own business when Felix walks up to the sushi bar to ask a glorious man questions regarding the samurai costume behind the bar. Next thing I know the man comes out with the helmet and my little handsome was transformed into my little samurai.


I think sudden samurai syndrome must run in the family?


Also, that Chainsaw has one fine mustache these days. After these pictures were taken I made the worst two mistakes of my life: 1. Trying sushi and 2. Trying saki.

Seriously about the sushi you guys, I kept hearing how good it was, and then my mouth was full of it and I thought I'd be chewing forever. I gagged every time I managed to force myself to swallow. I totally trucked through and choked it down without puking, but I probably would have looked much more ladylike if I had just spit it in my napkin. Oh well. I think I'll go back to not being a sushi eater starting immediately.

Felix and I quickly threw together some pouches for his teachers this morning. He drew a picture with fabric crayons, I made the pouches.


This one is a mouse because his teachers like animals. I had to talk him out of using the drawing with a "pillow with a star" and the "I love school trophy," both of which didn't so much look like their descriptions.


And this is a bear who has goggles on his back in case he needs them, ok? I started them a couple hours before school started and finished (wrapped with bow!) a few minutes before my man folk left for school. Then I took a hot bath and pretended I didn't have a zillion other things to do.

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Ollie said...

I only eat veggie or cooked sushi. I'm not into the raw fish thing, bleah. I can put some hurt on some avocado and cucumber rolls though, and inari is yum (rice inside a sweet-tasting pouch.)