Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things are furry around here.

This week, Felix and I (and by Felix and I, I mean mostly me) have been working on creating for funsies for our friendsies.


You may recognize Ferdinand, who now has friends! The newer creations are all backed with faux fur, which makes them extra snuggly. It also makes my couch and body be covered with fur. Oh well!


Felix still needs his own owl, of course. I need to get that finished and put the fur away before it takes over my house.

In other news, the Holiday Handmade was amazing, as usual. I really can't thank everybody enough- Fancy Tiger friends, awesome vendors, my friend/helper Melissa, and of course- everyone who came out to support handmade.


I did so well that I took my fambly out for celebrational breakfast at The Buff Sunday morning so that we could stuff our gullets and drink alcohol for breakfast. That's right, I said drink alcohol for breakfast. The Buff has delicious (and fabulously priced) Bloody Mary's, which is the usual. They had holiday drinks this time, so I was totally getting Schnapps-ed at breakfast. That is how you celebrate at breakfast, ya'll (unless your mom won't let you have anything stronger than chocolate milk).

Back to present making!

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