Tuesday, December 28, 2010

True Excitement

Apparently receiving True Blood DVDs sends my sisters into fits of excitement. Andrea actually did several vogue model poses with hers, but I think she'd put me in a headlock if I put them on the internet.


My mom's mom Grandma Pam and her husband Kenny have been staying with my mom while they recuperate from illnesses. I love how bewildered they look about Alyssa's excitement.



My 17 year old sister just got herself a new case of brace face at her own request. I think she's a fool. Braces suck, FOOL!



Felix is happy to have become, at long last, the proud owner of a dog pillow pet.



Felix and my mom had the biggest piles of presents (we gave him all of ours that night, too). It was bananas!

That's approximately all of the pictures I took that trip. Felix got the flusies and puked all Christmas day. Then Josh got a turn on Sunday, postponing our trip home by one day. I luckily have today off, so I'm going to be lazy for a while and dread the grocery store trip looming in my future.

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