Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big Butter News and Festival in the Park Pictures

I'm combining my Big Butter News with pictures from the Festival in the Park because I don't have any pictures of the news.  Sometimes you can take legit news photos, but in this case, unless you want screenshots of my email and dramatic recreations of conversations with my grandma (oh shit, you probably do want that!), I don't have photos of this news.  Oh man, are you guys bored?


Well here is me at the Festival in the Park being a certified Booth Boss, rocking a galaxy print body suit (which was perfect when my mom suggested I untuck my shirt), and standing next to my dad's half naked girlfriend.  Half because she's half a lady and naked because that's how she was until I decked her out in my shorts (with pins to hold them on, because girl is skinny).  For the record, my dad harbors no romantic feelings towards her.  She lives in a dark corner of a storage room, and I call her his girlfriend because it annoys him.  He taught Felix annoying things while he was there in payback, so we're even.

Ok, Big Butter News interjection.  I quit my day job in June.  Not necessarily to work more on Hot Butter, but the universe is definitely pointing me in that direction.  I worked for a month to get ready for the Festival in the Park, went to the festival in South Dakota, and then went on vacation to New York City with Chainsaw for our first no Felix vacation not involving a wedding since our Honeymoon.  Then I drove back to South Dakota to retrieve Felix and hang out with my crew.


Seriously, check out this crew.  That's Felix, my uncle, and my dad out at my uncle's mobile castle.  I have the best crew.

Since I've been home, I've had three separate wholesale offers in addition to a new consignment possibility.  So far, I've only worked with shops on consignment, and wholesale is apparently a whole new ballgame.  In the past, I've treated HB more like a hobby than a job, and I priced my items at a number that felt right to me.  In order to get this wholesale ball rolling and actually make this worth my while, I'm going to have to raise my prices a little.  It's not going to be a huge raise, but I just wanted to let you know.


Here she is again in case you were getting bored.  This is kind of a long post.

Anyway, I feel pretty confident that I'm making the right decisions to take HB to the next level.  I'm raising my prices a little bit after my 5 year anniversary sale, so now is the very best time to pick up some Hot Butter.  Use code HBis5 (the "is" is officially in all caps on the site, but the I looks dangerously 1 like, so I'm warning you.  it probably works in lowercase too, just covering my bases).  If you're personally set on HB, they also make awesome gifts if you're going to be needing any in the future!


Oh man, I'm almost sorry that every Festival in the Park picture I have features this lady.  My friend Ben from high school came to hang out for the last couple hours, and boy was I lucky to see him.  I think we talked about Ninja Turtles and some other things I won't mention here, and my stepmom Kris took pictures of us undressing the half naked girlfriend.

I already thanked them a million times, but thanks again to Kris, all around awesome, giving person and best stepmom ever, and my sister Alyssa, who is a super awesome hard worker and took a day off to help me in trade for loot and my company.  And thanks to everyone who came to say hi or hang out or share their root beer (mom!).  And to everyone who bought something, funding metro cards and big city fabric purchases and BEER (thanks for the beer, ya'll).  I had a great weekend!

One more thanks, and I'm out.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me over these past 5 years.  Thanks to all my customers, the market juries who have accepted me into shows, and the wonderful people who have invited my work into their shops.  And thanks to all my friends and family who have helped me!

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Sapling said...

Ashley, you are so super amazing! That is all so exciting. Good luck with all the new shifts and changes.