Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Triumphant Tale of the Cat Maxi

As I may have mentioned, I've been on life vacation (ok, just lazy) for at least a week.  It's been pretty luxurious.  My house is kind of a mess, but we all know I'm not good at getting my chores done unless my mom is ordering me anyway.  I interrupted my week of laziness to actually do something.

I briefly mentioned that I am sick in love with cat clothes.  I haven't exactly been secretive of my cat love in these parts or in any parts of my life if we're being honest.  So I made myself a maxi cat skirt the other day, using a vintage jersey with a large cat print.

I know you guys want to hear all about it because I got a notification from Facebook saying my recent post "Oops, I just made a new cat skirt." was performing better than 95% of the rest of my posts.


Oh yeah!  Here I am rocking it!  Foto by Felix.

One of the very, very last things we did in Brooklyn before catching a car to the airport was go to this cool vintage shop close to our apartment.  I pretty much stopped buying vintage clothes on account of I have infinity and don't really wear them, but when my eyes met this pile of fabric on a shelf, I was super excited to see what it is.  There are also witnesses to me exclaiming, "Kitties!"  I picked it up, and it was probably two yards of this glorious cat jersey that I simply had to take home.  I held it up on my body and knew its destiny.


Um, yeah.  My only annoyance with this fabric is that the cat faces aren't all in one direction.  I had to choose if I wanted purple or tan cats to be upside down.  It was a hard choice, and Chainsaw was of absolutely no damn help.  Pretty sure he thinks it's a crazy skirt, but I'm pretty sure he knew I was crazy when he married me (he'd already had around 4 years of experience).  I only used half, so the universe only knows what's in store for the other half.

So now my life is a little more complete in the cat skirt department.  I am now the owner of three:  a mini (made it myself, it's floating around on here somewhere), an above the knee, and a maxi.  CAT SKIRTS FOR EVERY OCCASION!!

In case I haven't shoved enough cat biz in your face, here is an awesome picture I caught of my kitties (who are mostly friends again).


Ok, let's make it two!


I also got to pet that gigantor calico that was the start of all the cat fighting ruckus, whom I refer to as Big Bad Bertha, this morning behind our garage.  She was a first degree lover, practically pounding her head against my hand and rubbing all over me.  So I forgive her for inciting drama in our dojo.

Peace outside!

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