Monday, December 8, 2008

Are these your undies?

I might be the only person to find this absolutely hilarious. Apparently the Boulder police busted a voyeur who becomes obsessed with a woman, tapes her doing stuff, and steals her undies. That isn't very funny, right? What is funny to me, is that there's a link in the news article that takes you to the Boulder police website with pictures of stolen bras/panties/Hooters girl costumes. So you know, if that Hooters girl costume is yours, call them.

In other news, I did not touch my sewing machine one time last weekend. I was drowning in book crack. I read the first three books in two days. Oops! My shoulders are sore from book holding. My knees hurt from sitting crossed legged on the couch. I promised Josh I wouldn't go buy the last one until I got some sewing done, but I already feel like a junky, wishing there was some way I could get to Walmart* to buy it today.

*I'm not going to lie and say that I hate Walmart and never shop there. It's a 3 minute drive, and Borders was sold out of Twilight books. They also had them for significantly cheaper than any other store. Hard backs were $13 something, versus $20 SRP. See, I'm a smart junky who looks for a good deal!

Oh, and sewing update later, I promise. Apple lappy is back from the doctor and feeling mighty fine!

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LollyChops said...

I am so glad they found my old uniform.. I'll have to go pick it up from them right away! Whew...