Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kitty time!

We have a new addition to our family. Please meet Jezebel Lincoln:

Jezebel Lincoln

Jezebel Lincoln

So the mini craft fair at the office yesterday was, for the most part, a bust! I didn't actually sell anything. I did get a couple requests, including one actual order if I can make a crayon roll for fat crayons. I think I can handle that.

I did do some tradesies with my homie Dani from Dani Girl Boutique. I got a few super cute books she made and 2 record bowls. My step mom already called dibs on one of those, even though "it will probably make your dad cry." Do people really cry over records melted into bowls? I cry with glee at their majesty, but not in sadness as my dad is presumed to do.

I also bought some nice smelling bath bombs and hand made soap from my table neighbor. I'm excited to try some for myself. Maybe this afternoon if the toddler meat decides to make my day and take a nap?

Here is a purple clutch I made a while ago:

Purple clutch

I bought a snap setter last weekend, and I am in love. My old snap setter was just that- OLD. I bought it off of ebay a while ago, and the few times I tried to use it, it decided that we weren't friends. I now have the kind you bang with a hammer, which is actually super fun! Sometimes I really need to beat at something I'm making with a hammer towards the end of its creation.

I reopened the shop after vacationing it yesterday so I could take everything to the craft fair. I decided to slightly reduce my prices. It's hard deciding how much my time is worth to me, and I decided that I could go a little lower without feeling like I'm robbing myself.

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Elizabeth said...

Jezebel looks so regal!