Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wrap up

I spent all morning running around the greater Boulder area in search of those last few Christmas gifts. We were at the Celestial Seasonings tea factory, the liquor store (grandma needs her acky-juice, or wine, if you're over 3), the mall to pick up my newly soldered rings, the thrift store, and the library. I have a feeling that nap time will go smoothly today after doing all that this morning!

So today's to do:

1. Sip a mug or two of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride herbal tea.

2. Take the draft snake that I accidentally made too small, rip stitches, make longer.

3. Put together Christmas gifts. There are many pouches that need filled with goodies.

4. Start wrapping- if I have time!

Oh, I forgot to mention the slight altercation I had at the thrift store today. I found a pair of shoes that I liked. They did not look "new" in any way, scuffed up a bit, inside wear, but in good condition. Shoes cost 99 cents, "new" shoes cost $2. The lady charges me $2. I asked her why she charged me for new shoes, and she tried to convince me that they were brand new. I showed her the scuffs. She told me that someone could have done that trying them on in the store.

It ended with me saying "Whatever." I know it's only $1 and the thrift store supports the food bank, but still. They charge way too much for most things, like sheets ($5 per sheet, fo reals?) and used towels for $6? I don't like it when the thrift store puts me in a bad mood. I guess I did get a "new" pair of shoes for $2, and Felix loaded up on books. At least they got the price right on those. I can handle 25 cents per board book, no problem.


LeeAnn said...

I have a thing or two to say about Goodwill. They have raised their prices so much! $12 for jeans? Come on! What does that say about us when we complain about thrift store prices?

Merry Christmas!

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