Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busy bee!

I have been super busy lately, sewing as much as I can for Christmas gifts and an upcoming event at Chainsaw's office. Apparently a lot of people who work there/their significant others are creative, crafty people. So they invited us crafty people to come in on Monday and peddle our wares for a couple hours. Unfortunately, I've been too lazy to take pictures, but I will do it tomorrow. I don't want my creations to walk out the door without getting their pictures taken first!

I do have a picture of the tea cup pouch I made Grandma for Christmas. I don't think she reads this, but if you do, shield your eyes Grandma!

Tea Pouch

I used fabric crayons to write and doodle on it, which was super fun. I dare you to look into them for yourself! I'd like to try some more ambitious doodles one of these days.

Tomorrow is the last day of my 15% off sale in the shop. Take advantage!

The lip balm I bought from Least Likely to Breed is delicious and awesome. She included a bonus tube of a vanilla butter cream frosting lip balm, and I think I could almost eat the tube. It is that delicious.

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Brenda said...

I love that pouch. You are so good.