Sunday, January 24, 2010

10 Things

I was looking forward to making my escape from South Dakota today, but the blizzard I wished away decided to show up this morning. It's mostly no big whoop (just a little snow!), but the "locally damaging" winds gives the snow a hug and creates a wall of invisibility. Grr. Guess we'll be going home tomorrow.

I'm going to do my own 10 things I love Sunday for funsies and cheer.


This adorable print from printspace featuring two of my favorite creatures. So cute!


Pretty headbands on pretty girls! This one is from Mandizzle.


Mustachiod ladies

My best girl Laura. This is her last day in this land. Tomorrow she's moving to South Korea. I miss her already, but I'm so excited for her and her new adventures.


Becky from Strumpets Crumpets. She special ordered a Love Bullets pouch from me a bit ago, and I've been spending way too much time reading her blog as far back as I can.

I love:
how cute she is.
how generous she is to her family.
how much she loves her family.
her cute crafts (like these granny squares).

Hope she doesn't mind me putting her grill on my blog! :D


Source via weheartit.

Pretty girls with cool tattoos! I want more tattoos in a bad way, but am not exactly rich enough for it. Maybe someday.


Photo 326

My new red hair. I missed it after having not colored my hair in almost a year.


sam's fangs

Uncle Sam, who starves himself when Nana is at his house because we have to put his food up so Nana won't eat it. Look at those fangs!


Photo 239

Goofies made with Felix.


Photo 331

Blue mascara!


View from the back of the bus

Papa and Krissy inviting us down for dinner because my dinner plans consisted of fast food in Cheyenne, Wyoming, which won't be happening tonight.

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